The primary link between the stock market and the economy — in the aggregate — is that an increase in money and credit pushes up both GDP and the stock market simultaneously. Generally speaking, the stock market will reflect the economic conditions of an economy. If an economy is growing then the output will be increasing and most firms should be experiencing increased profitability. This higher profit makes the company shares more attractive because they can give bigger dividends to shareholders.

As Georgia economy will grow definitely it’s a win-win situation for brokerage firm those are interested in setting up their office in Georgia. The government of Georgia allowed under-mentioned activities on the respective license.

  • Keep up to date clients with the latest financial and tax legislation;
  • Stay informed to clients of the latest financial news to understand the movements in the market and the drivers of change;
  • Carry out specific market research and analysis keep abreast to clients along with the same;
  • Write reports and newsletters summarising the market research share the same with the clients;
  • Proactively look for clients and manage the relationships;
  • Regularly update your clients on the state of their portfolio and new investment opportunities;
  • Give presentations to clients at conferences and networking events;
  • Ensure that he understand the clients’ needs enabling him to make appropriate suggestions for their investments;
  • Be honest and provide all information, including risks. As a broker you cannot exaggerate or provide misleading information.

Documentation Requirements:-

To work get the license of a brokerage company in Georgia there is a requirement of documents and list of same is under:

  • Owner should own a minimum capital of 500,000 Gel;
  • Company should be registered under Joint Stock Company (JSC) or Limited Liability Company (LLC);
  • Owner should take a required registry certificate from the National Bank of Georgia (NBG);
  • Management of company is also supposed to present certificate of non-conviction;
  • Significant shareholder information must also be provided;
  • Proof of payment of license fee also required;
  • Audited financial numbers of preceding year or half year should be accessible to the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) or

If a company is recently created (maximum 6 months from the date of registration) company can deliver only present financial statement (non-audited one).


Additional Documents Requirement:-

  • Certificate of incorporation, Memorandum, and Articles of Association of the Joint Stock Company (JSC) or Limited Liability Company (LLC);
  • All board members last 10 years criminal record is required;
  • Data about the applicant’s and other members’ identity, who directly or indirectly own an important share (10% or more), papers must be authenticated and apostilled;
  • Preceding year or preceding half year financial reports or the current balance;
  • Payment proof of the license is required;
  • Time to get the license is 30 days after submitted all the documents and application.